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Aloka SSD-1400 Ultrasound

Availiable Today!

  • Multi-frequency system Allows the clinician to scan a wide range of different size patients with the same probe.

  • Preset function Use the 15 user-programmable presets to register your preferences and recall them with a simple of touch of a button.

  • Multi-Stage Dynamic Focusing The transmitted ultrasound beams are focused throughout the entire field of view. In addition, up to 4 user selectable focal zones can be selected to optimize resolution in the area of interest.

  • Image processing Select (IPS): enables you to pre-program up to 8 combinations of imaging factors for each of 15 pre-sets

  • Image select function: Transmit, frequency, receive frequency, and transducer aperture size are changed to optimize the image. R=resolution; S=standard; P=penetration

  • Automatic B-gain control (ABC): provides hands free automatic system gain control providing a constant image brightness.

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