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Disponibles 10 CRASH CART para #hospitales y #clínicas.


A crash cart is the trolley for storing lifesaving equipment and drugs in a hospital emergency room, intensive care unit, clinics and other areas. The cart is characterized by being easily movable and readily accessible into all sides of the cart for quickly viewing and removing equipment and drugs during a crisis situation.

The first cardiac crash cart was created at Bethany Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The first crash cart was fabricated by one of the doctor's fathers. It contained an Ambu bag, defibrillator paddles, a bed board and endotracheal tubes.

A crash cart or code cart (crash trolley in UK medical jargon) is a set of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used in hospital emergency rooms for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment at site of medical/surgical emergency for life support protocols like Advanced Cardiac Life Support/Advance Life Support (ACLS/ALS), Pediatric Advanced life Support [PALS] to potentially save someone's life.


1.To enhance the Code Blue team’s response to patients with emergency medical situations by providing immediate access to supplies and medications.

2.An emergency cart or crash cart is a cart that facilitates coordination of emergency equipment.

3.A specific crash cart type facilitates staff familiarity with equipment

4.It is help to ensure a properly stocked emergency cart will be readily available

5.It also ensures a properly functioning defibrillator will be readily available.

6.It helps to save the valuable time at the time of emergency.


The contents of a crash cart vary from hospital to hospital, but typically contain the tools and drugs needed to treat a person in or near cardiac arrest. These include but are not limited to:

•Monitor/defibrillators and suction devices

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