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Holtz Quip dispone para la venta surgical table Skytron 6700B

The Skytron 6700B general surgical table has some of the highest clinical satisfaction ratings for performance, reliability, serviceability and lowest cost of ownership

The Skytron 6700B general surgical table represents the new standard in 21st Century Surgical Table design and performance, with unmatched imaging flexibility and even greater lift and articulation power. With it's 1,200 lb patient weight capacity and the ability to be widened up to 16", it's a very popular operating table for bariatric surgery.

Features include:

  • 1,200 lb. lift

  • 1,000 lb. articulation capacity

  • Removable back and leg sections (with optional carbon fiber back/leg section)

  • 210° top rotation

  • 23” low table height

  • Auto Beach Chair position

  • 30° tilt, Trendelenburg

  • Reverse Trendelenburg, and more!

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