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Disponemos de Karl Storz Hysteroscope Flexible

“Our new Flexible Video Cystoscope offers unsurpassed image quality,” said Rita Hoang, Associate Marketing Manager for Urology. “The images it produces are crisper and brighter without the need to focus.” The Flexible Video Cystoscope is Image1® compatible which makes it simple to integrate into the hospital OR. Because Image1® from KARL STORZ is a platform rather than a stand-alone camera system, workflow is optimized because there is no need to purchase, maintain and store separate carts for each specialty.

The functional quality of the Flexible Video Cystoscope provides significant advantages over more traditional technologies. According to Hoang, “Conventional flexible cystoscopes use optical fibers to carry images from the scope tip to the eyepiece, generating images that typically have a pixilated ‘screen door effect.’ Our innovative distal chip design addresses this issue. By placing the CCD at the scope tip, we provide the convenience of automatic focus and light intensity regulation. The need for a separate camera head is also eliminated.”

The Flexible Video Cystoscope provides a number of key features and enhanced functionality to office-based and hospital urologists. Image1® compatibility allows the Flexible Video Cystoscope to be used with the hospital’s existing video system, while the Telecam DX II is ideal for office-based procedures. Three programmable buttons provide simple fingertip control of all camera functions using only one hand. The lightweight design includes an ergonomic grip for ease of handling and increased comfort. Single-lever deflection offers intuitive distal tip control, and continuous controlled dual deflection makes hard-to-reach areas easier to access. The metal handle and robust mechanical design of the KARL STORZ Flexible Video Cystoscope ensure a superior life span.

The Flexible Video Cystoscope offers the security of an atraumatic tip, a smooth surface for gentle introduction and a 6.5 Fr. working channel to support use of a variety of instruments. The distal chip technology also provides a full-screen display, giving urologists a better overview of patient anatomy.

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