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In Holtz Quip three GE amx 4+ Rayos x portátil

GE amx 4+ Rayos x portátil



  • MX-75 275k HU X-ray tube with a .75mm focal spot

  • GE AMX-IV collimator

  • High-quality image

  • Forward and reverse variable speed

  • Completely mobile

  • LED display

  • Operates at full power with no power connection

  • 24 kVp stations

  • 30 mAs stations

  • 100 mA constant

  • kVp 50 - 125

  • mAs 0.4 - 320


  • One-year warranty on all parts.

  • One-year prorated warranty on the X-ray tube. For warranty purposes, X-ray tubes are valued at $2,500.

  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty for the lead calcium batteries (the first year is fully covered and the second year is prorated).

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