In Holtz Quip parts and pieces of surgical tables

We in Holtz Quip, Inc. with parts and pieces of surgical tables . With best specialists ranked medical equipment, repair and refurbished all models and brands on the market .

If you are interested contact us via Daniel sales manager of our company cel: 404-655-0417 or send an email: We also leave a phone that we can reach you. We will give great greetings prices

The following link can see our variety of equipment found in our warehouses:

OBGYN Surgical Table:!Getinge-Shampaine-2605N/c1zo4/55dc76580cf21fd94cc4c8f6

Skytron 6700B Hercules OR Table:!Skytron-6700B-Hercules-OR-Table/c1zo4/55ccbdb60cf25f10d9b4de07

Surgical Table Amsco Steris 3080 and RL:!Surgical-Table-Amsco-Steris-3080-and-RL/c1zo4/55cb8e7b0cf2c049b5f4af80

Amsco Steris 3080RC and RL Surgical Table terminadas de refaccionar:!Amsco-Steris-3080RC-and-RL-Surgical-Table/c1zo4/55c8a8ed0cf2c049b5f2855c

OSI Jackson Axis Spinal OR Table:!OSI-Jackson-Axis-Spinal-OR-Table/c1zo4/55bf7fcf0cf2dce5af67550f

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