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Integrated networks of health services in Bogota began functioning successfully

bogota health services


In the first 48 hours of the unified operation of the four integrated subnets, the District Department of Health delivered a positive balance in terms of the provision of services to users, creating medical records, billing process and appointment scheduling . During the first two days of unified operation, the Prestadoras Units of Health Services report as normal at the administrative operation of each of the subnets ensuring access to health services users without interruption. In that sense, the unified operation of the subnets have allowed to more than 24,000 patients, performed 11,388 income, generate the opening of 6,546 medical histories, perform 4,842 nursing records, officials have 4,587 14,310 online and issue invoices. This is the report for each subnetwork in these first 48 hours of integrated work: Subnetwork Center East attended 11,671 patients, performed 3,017 income, made the opening of 871 medical records, reported 2,442 nursing records, had 871 employees and generated 1,711 online bills. South subnetwork served 3,206 patients, performed 3,325 income, made the opening of 1,830 medical records, reported 216 nursing records, had 1,062 employees and generated 2,001 online bills. North subnetwork served 3,167 patients, performed 2,331 income, made the opening of 1,678 medical records, had 1,475 nursing records, had 1,979 employees and generated 4,340 online bills. Suroccidente subnetwork attended 6,026 patients, performed 2,715 income, made the opening of 2,167 medical records, nursing records was 709, had 675 employees and generated 6,258 online bills. With these figures the administration of Enrique Penalosa shows that the New Model of Health that went into operation in Bogotá guarantees access to health services to the thousands of users who daily come to the Prestadoras Units of Health Services of the public hospital network . The health sector reform formally began on August 1, after approval and sanction of Agreement 641 of 2016 last April, which reorganizes the 22 district hospitals in four subnetworks: South, North, South West and Central East.

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