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Health recommended a "digital diet 'on vacation to disconnect

digital diet

The source: La informació

The Department of Health has recommended citizens this summer to make a 'digital diet' away from electronic devices to promote relaxation during the holidays and cultivate healthier behaviors, like doing outdoor sports, eat more fruits and vegetables and make better use of technology. The benefits of digital disconnection can be noticed but only put aside smart devices for part of the day to take advantage if the rest of the year has been continuously connected to the Internet and mobile phone pendant, as reported by the Department Thursday in a statement. The 'diet' can bring a better sense of self-control, better manage time, relax mentally from overstimulation, relate more intensely and without interference with family and friends and have more time to read, think or do nothing. The strategies are advised ranging from turning off the phone or leave it in another room during part of the day to choose clearances devices at home or at work where there is no interference with other activities and personal relationships and is recommended to mobile on the table while eating or in the car. To achieve satisfactory digital disconnection should turn off automatic notifications on all devices, set the alarm clock instead of having the phone next to the bed and have an emergency number if they call family or staff work, which may help with the problems associated with the use of smart devices such as lack of hours of rest and distractions associated with their use.

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