Available in Holtz Quip X Ray AMX 4+ for to sell

Your AMX-4+ is designed for ease of operation and years of reliable service. Each time you push a button, you can depend on the same consistent radiographic quality - quality comparable to radiographs made in a full scale X-ray room.

Since the AMX-4+ is battery operated, there's no need to plug in your mobile X-ray unit before taking exposures. Battery operation makes the AMX-4+ easily adapted to operating, intensive care, and emergency room applications. Because of a dual-motor drive, driving and positioning the AMX-4+ requires a minimum of effort . And the control pane. l's cut-away design permits optimum visibility for steering down crowded corridors.

The self-stopping bumper, one of many built-in safety devices, helps prevent unwanted mobility the motors stop and the brakes activate upon impact with another object . Operator controls are microprocessor based, combining the latest technology with simplicity of design.

The control panel includes three illuminated displays: a kVp and mAs display to reflect the technique selected, a battery display for at-a-glance battery status, and a message display to provide helpful information on the operating status of the AMX-4+ . equipment

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