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Olympic smart scale in warehouse the HoltzQuip Inc. six units for sale

Olympic smart scale, equipment medical used

Olympic smart scale, equipment medical used

Olympic smart scale, equipment medical used

Olympic Smart Scale Models 60 and 65 combine remarkable accuracy with simple operation. To weigh a baby, simply place the child in the tray, and the scale will automatically compute weight to the nearest gram – even if the baby is moving.

With the Smart Scale, changing numbers do not have to be tracked – the final weight is automatically locked on the display. One can continue caring for the baby and chart the weight when convenient. Even if the baby is removed from the scale, weight remains locked on the display.

Accurate measurements

• Automatically computes weight to the nearest gram

•Automatically zeros itself before each weighing for accurate reproducible weight measurements

•Zero (tare) button allows extra weight, such as blankets or toys, to be cancelled out to accurately weigh only the baby

Easy to use

• Fully Automatic – after placing baby on the scale, weight is automatically computed and locked on the display

• Automatic Weight Averaging – when the scale detects motion, it automatically averages and computes within seconds, and locks the final weight on the display

• Memory Recall button – allows display of the last averaged weight, even if the scale has been turned off

• Four-sided Easy Lift Tray (Smart Scale only) – Safer for baby, and hand ports make it easier for lifting baby in and out

• Smooth contours, molded shape and edgeless tray enable easy cleaning


• Weigh babies within seconds, even when they are moving

• Weighs on rechargeable batteries or connected to an electrical outlet while batteries are charging

• Automatic shut down feature conserves battery life

• Available as either a table-top style or as a roll-around model on a sturdy cart

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