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Jean Carlo Sanchez: I aspire to improve the provision of supplies, medicines and medical equipment

Jean Carlo Sanchez

The source: El diario de los Andes

Since last Monday Dr. Jean Carlo Sanchez took over the Central Hospital of San Cristobal focused on a plan of action to recover systematically the services of the first health center. During a meeting with the media the Director General explained that his project is focused on primary health care, which begins with the general emergency, and otherwise give it a new boost to the surgical part, why the past Monday delivered an anesthesia machine, which is already operational. Also they are about to enter a nursing staff, who have five operating rooms allow 100% active. Sanchez said that the priority now is to have inputs, medicines and medical and surgical equipment necessary to meet the high demand of patients, which already is being managed and proof of this is the considerable supply of solutions made by the Ministry of People's Power Health, besides those already reactivating the purchasing committee immediately for the purchase of vital medicines such as antibiotics, analgesics, among others. In addition to the contributions from the Ministry of Health. The Director of Central Hospital explained that among short-term projects of this new operational management is putting four ambulances have the center to provide free and quality service to all patients. Moreover they are managing to maintain radio communication with all district network, with Social Security Hospital and the Military Hospital, to manage the system of patient referral in an organized manner, and to avoid the collapse of the Central Hospital with cases they can be solved in such health centers Another approach we have is to maintain an open dialogue with all doctors in the hospital, which are very valuable for the most and the best that are eager to work, a mechanism that also employ the nurses, workers and administrative; the idea is to put together a solid team which would give answers to our patients, which ultimately is who should not, of course with the support of the Governor, President Nicolas Maduro and the Minister of Health Luisana Melo.

install the scanner Radiotherapy Simulator Likewise, Dr. Jean Carlo Sanchez said his management begins with a very good news for patients radiotherapy service, as from Tuesday Meditron technicians are installing Hospital Tomography Simulator, with which the quality of care is improved. He recalled that it was President Nicolas Maduro who routed by this high-tech equipment to the Central Hospital of San Cristobal, which had not been installed for problems in the electrical part, which were solved with the support of CORPOELEC. I want to thank greatly Corpoelec, the engineer Carlos Sanchez, who immediately set about to resolve this situation. For its part regarding the radiation therapy team, he explained that the input required to operate it already is being managed, and that the delay there is because it is a piece that comes from the outside, the Lotería is doomed to resolve this situation. As for the CT scanner diagnostic located in the general emergency, said that it will be reviewed this week, as well as X-ray equipment that has about 20 days paralyzed, a situation that is being addressed immediately to bring it operational as soon as possible, I think in the course of a week maximum all imaging equipment it must have 100% operational because they are vital to patient care. Finally, he stressed that with the intention of reducing surgical debt, they will continue the special surgical plan Saturday, which began four weeks ago and which is drawing between 10 and 15 cases of all specialties. For this Saturday we are planning to address 10 or 12 cases of trauma or failing that general surgery.

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