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223 medical and technological equipment arrive at University Hospital in Merida

The source: avn

Five neonatal incubators open battery, 15 conventional stretchers for transfers, five stretchers transport Radio - transparent, 5 refrigerators for storage of blood and blood products, 2 automatic processing of plates, 25 multi monitors - parameters, 14 flowmeters oxygen and 6 special stretchers obstetric birthing, they stand out in the provision. Alexis Ramirez, governor of the Andean state, received the new equipment to be used for diagnostic procedures, special care, direct care, surgeries, sample processing, medicines and supplies to the main hospital in Merida. "The national government, through our applications, has made an important provision of equipment to the University Hospital of Los Andes investment," noted the State Authority president at a press conference, in which he also said the support, monitoring and control direct the regional government has allowed the recovery of space, staffing and strengthening public health in Merida. "Despite the difficulties, economic warfare, unconventional, media and problems war - that will not deny -.'re Sticking up, we are not idly We are working for our people," he stressed.

Recovery spaces

Work more maintenance and recovery have been implemented in three months on floors nine, three and four of IAHULA, while parallel recovered were reactivated and operating rooms A and B Outpatient Surgery area. "I want to give special recognition to the Mission Barrio Adentro, medical mission to Cuba, which in the area of ​​electronics is reviewing all the equipment we have in hospitals, to recover, repair and necessary investment," added Ramirez. From January to July 2016, in the IAHULA they have attended 1,848 births and 1,894 Caesarean sections were performed, totaling 3,742 live births. The balance management IAHULA from 06 June to 7 August, counted more than 980 planned interventions and urgency made in the area of ​​Quirófano General, while other 40 operations have been carried out in the area of ​​Ambulatory Surgery , attached to the unit Extended Stay (ULE) of the hospital.

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