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In sale instruments laparoscopic surgery

Instrumental laparoscopía equipment medical

Instrumental laparoscopía equipment medical

Instrumental laparoscopía equipment medical

The design of this series of instruments responds the following basic principles:

We have concentrated on the working end of the tool and its handle. The CLICKLINE system allows the exchange and adaptation of the instruments according to preferences and habits of surgeons and thus provides a wide range specialized instruments. Thanks to this system we have to consider all elements of each instrument separately.

However, the homogeneity of the whole must remain a priority. The objective of manufacturer is to avoid incompatibilities between different elements. The user selects above all, the combination of jaws and handles most suitable for him and for his technique Surgical.

Generally, surgical procedures are performed with both hands of the surgeon, with the help of one or more instruments in the hands of the assistant or assistants. The typical configuration is as follows: two instruments (graspers + scissors) in hands surgeon and an instrument that serves as suction retractor in the hands of the wizard.

An assistant is responsible only to direct the camera so that the surgeon has both hands free for intervention. Therefore there is no longer any reason for Coagulation hook hold the privileged position on the right hand of the surgeon and that took so long when he was the surgeon himself who ran the camera or even when he worked under direct vision (with the eye in the eye). However, still some use, since it is comfortable to handle and is essential for many specialists.

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