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Aetna output ObamaCare affects Latinos

The source: entravision

Aetna output represents a setback for the insurance plan President Barack Obama in a general sense, but the biggest impact will be felt in rural areas and cities in states where many Latinos live. Starting next year, Aetna will not sell more medical insurance through subsidies ObamaCare in seven states: Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Of those seven states, it will be in Texas, Florida, and Arizona where more Latinos will be affected when looking for new options. In some rural counties in Arizona, leaving the insurance giant will leave many residents, including Latinos, with no option to purchase health insurance subsidized by ObamaCare. Pinal County, for example, not a single health insurance company has come forward to offer health plans of federal exchange. Before Aetna announced its decision to abandon the public market, and health insurance options were dwindling in Arizona, where about 200,000 people are enrolled in ObamaCare. INDIVIDUAL MARKET Texas is the state that has the second largest Hispanic population. Most of the uninsured before the law for Affordable Health Care (ACA), better known as ObamaCare, adoption were people of Hispanic origin. According to a report last May Aetna with the Department of Insurance, the insurer had 84.058 customers in Texas in the individual market. In Texas, more than 1.2 million people had registered in ObamaCare, according to federal figures released in January. Florida, which has the third largest Latino population in the United States, is also one of the states with the largest enrollment in the federal health plan; about 1.6 million since the stock began ACA insurance. However, once you stop selling their Aetna health plans, Florida Latinos have the option of other companies that seem to do better. One of the largest insurers in the state, Florida Blue Health, reportedly recorded a gross profit of $ 471 million in individual plans ACA in 2015.

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