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For sale surgical table Steris 5085 (+ video)

In this video the technical condition and operation of the operating tables Steris 5085 observed. It is on sale for the HoltzQuip Company, Inc. specializes in the marketing of medical equipment used.


- 1 set of X-ray Tops (optional) (BF219)

- 2 Anesthesia Armboards with 3" pads if using X-ray Tops (BF804) or with 2" pads (BF803) if not

- 1 Foot Extension with Siderail Locks (BF2)

- 1 Restraint Strap (BF45), standard length (66 1/2")

- Anesthesia screen of choice: Universal Ether Screen (BF074) or Winged Ether Screen (BF075)

Set Up Procedure:

1 . If X-ray Tops (not shown) are required for the procedure, see page 3 for instructions .

2 . Install pressure management devices (e .g ., gel pads) and other patient posturing devices as necessary (removed from photo for clarity) .

9 . Articulate the table using the flex button (Reverse Trendelenburg and back down maneuvers) to achieve appropriate positioning .

10 . Apply anesthesia screen (not shown) and position as necessary .

3 . Carefully transfer patient onto surgical table per facility procedures in Normal Orientation and align waist (intercostals area) with the junction between the back section and the seat section of the table .

4 . Secure the Restraint Strap across the patient’s thighs .

5 . Secure armboard(s) onto siderails on both sides of the patient; verify proper attachment .

6 . Place arms onto armboards and properly secure .

7 . Slide table top all the way to the head end .

8 . Place the Foot Extension onto the leg section of the table at the required length; ensure Siderail Locks are tightened

more information:

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