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Surgical table Steris C Max for sale (+video)

In this video the technical condition and operation of the operating tables Steris Cmax observed. It is on sale for the HoltzQuip, Inc Company, Inc. specializes in the marketing of medical equipment used.

The Cmax™ General Surgical Table

For over 75 years, STERIS surgical tables have been engineered to:

• assure unsurpassed clinical versatility

• utilize innovative imaging technology

• support patient and staff safety

• provide ease of use

• assure reliability and durability

• achieve cost effectiveness

Clinical Versatility

We designed the Cmax table for all surgical services

• four section table top easily contours to all patient postures

• leg section can be quickly removed for perineal access

• small footprint of the base enhances surgical team and C-arm access

• powered, radiolucent Kidney™ Elevator Mechanism enhances lateral procedures

• return-to-level button safely brings the patient back to level at the procedure’s end

• lightweight table is easy to move and elegant design enables easy cleaning

Innovative Imaging Technology

The Cmax table has the maximum amount of imaging area available in any sliding top table.

• exceptional 14-16" (356-406 mm) imaging window width

• exceptional longitudinal slide provides optimal imagingwindow length

- from the top of the sternum to the toes (43" / 1092 mm)

-from the top of the head to the femoral artery (43" / 1092 mm)

Patient and Staff Safety

Cmax tables are rated for patients as heavy as:

• 1,100 lb (500 kg) without patient posturing

• 600 lb (272 kg) with full patient posturing

Another unique feature is the Auto Limit Sensor ™ Control Device, which prevents table section conflict.

more information:

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