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Amsco® Orthovision in sale for HoltzQuip, Inc.


Exceptional reliability and the highest quality have been the standard for STERIS-Amsco products for over 100 years. The standard has been the driving force behind every solution developed for our customers. The design and engineering excellence integrated into every surgical table and accessory assures maximum reliability, performance, and value.

The OrthoVision® orthopedic table represents the highest level in surgical imaging, setup efficiency and procedural flexibility. Radiolucent abductor bars, wedge-shaped sacral rest and perineal post provide exceptional imaging capability, no matter how complicated the procedure.


We asked orthopedic surgeons across the country what they needed in an orthopedic surgical table. The answer was consistent...”exceptional imaging capability combined with positioning flexibility.” The OrthoVision table design incorporates those features with the already proven durability and reliability of our other surgical tables.

Exceptional imaging capability

• Radiolucent carbon-fiber abductor bars allow bone imaging

without distortion or obstruction.

• Radiolucent carbon-fiber wedge-shaped sacral rest and perineal post accessories complete the bone imaging capability. Patients can be positioned for a wide range of procedures without compromising the X-ray image

• In addition, STERIS offers other Amsco brand surgical table accessories made of carbonfiber that can be used on the OrthoVision table. One example is the tibia / lateral countertraction support which acts as lateral countertraction, tibia countertraction and popliteal support.

Positioning flexibility

• Abductor bars are lightweight and easy to move for both patient positioning and C-arm access. Low-friction surface material allows traction clamps to slide easily along bar.

• Number and letter codes on positioning locks simplify positioning.

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