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CRPD receives donation for medical equipment

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - In the wake of shootings around the country, police in Cedar Rapids say they need to have more medical supplies on hand.

Mercy Medical Center donated $10,892.60 to CRPD to go toward purchasing supplies like AED's, gloves and tourniquets. Tourniquets are devices that fit into police officer's pockets and are used to stop bleeding.

"A situation like the Boston Marathon bombing, that’s what saved a lot of lives is people placing tourniquets on those that got injured in the bombing whether it be a leg amputated an arm amputated," Police officer Michelle Omar said

Cedar Rapids police typically respond to around 3,600 medical calls each year. So far in 2016, the department has responded to 2,116. The responses include medical emergencies like heart attacks, traumatic accidents and even shootings.

"There's been a large push especially with all the gun violence every community in this country as well as some of the mass casualty incidents to try to make sure that our front line responders have the equipment to treat victims," Mercy Medical Center Trauma Medical Director Nora Royer said.


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