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Special offer for sale of entire batch Spacelabs Medical Patient Monitor. model: 90369

Spacelabs Medical Patient Monitor. model: 90369 equipment medical

Spacelabs Medical Patient Monitor equipment medical used

Spacelabs Medical Patient Monitor equipment medical used

Spacelabs Medical Patient Monitor equipment medical used

Spacelabs Medical’s products are designed and manufactured under good manufacturing practices and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. To ensure proper operation in accordance with these guidelines, this product must be maintained by trained technicians using Spacelabs Medical authorized replacement parts.

The 90367 Ultraview® 1030 monitor and the 90369 Ultraview 1050 monitor are fully PCIS™/ Ultraview Care Network-compatible and are designed for use as small bedside monitors or as

battery-operated transport monitors. These monitors feature a 10.4-inch color display and an

infrared touchscreen, and they can be operated on either mains power or battery.

A single-high module slot on the right side of the monitor accepts all single-high modules, including the 90470 Multiparameter module, 90496 Ultraview Command module, and 91496 Ultraview SL™ Command module, to permit monitoring of parameters such as ECG, temperature, and invasive pressure.

The optional 90310 Wireless Network Interface (WNI) provides a seamless network of

communications with other Ultraview PCIS/PCMS™ monitors via a Wireless Local Area Network

(WLAN). These flexible networks use the 90310 as the point of air wave transmit and receive for

the Ethernet network interface. Networks can use a single channel or multiple channels with

additional 90310 WNIs (the number required depends upon the number of wave forms per monitor and the number of monitors in use).

The capnography option provides integrated monitoring of EtCO2, inspired CO2, and respiratory rate. This option allows an external oxygen sensor to be attached to the Ultraview 1030/1050 transport monitor, which measures the FiO2 parameter and adjusts the CO2

reading to compensate for the presence of O2.

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