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Heritage Medical Equipment: A global company

Today, it seems most products are manufactured overseas despite that fact that most Americans want to buy Domestic items.

In West Plains, you’ll find Heritage Medical Equipment. The business is owned and operated by Jason and Angela Stasney of West Plains.

Heritage Medical Equipment designs and manufactures American-made ergonomic medical procedure beds. Ergonomic beds are intended to provide optimum support and to avoid stress or injury.

Angela explained how the business came to be,”After college in the early 1990’s, Jason and I moved to Michigan. There, Jason took his first sonographer job. After his first day, he came home saying that the job was ergonomically, a tough job.”

The Stasney’s moved back to southern Missouri and Jason began working with his father to design a more ergonomic procedure bed.

In 1995, Heritage Medical Equipment opened its doors.

Today, the Stasney’s employe eight staff members to produce the beds: two welders, two assembly workers, one machinist, and three office personnel.

The beds are designed, cut, assembled, and shipped in West Plains.

Angela Stasney added that the supplies needed to assemble the beds are purchased locally, when available. Steel and wood are the most often locally purchased goods.

Heritage Medical Equipment is the only sonographer-owned bed manufacturer in the country.

Stasney’s bed, the sonobed, features the Wedge. “The Wedge is one of Jason’s inventions. It allows the patient to be propped up comfortably without asking the patient to do so themselves.

Heritage Medical Equipment sells their beds worldwide. The Sonobed can be found in all 50 states. In addition, Ozarks Medical Center owns multiple Sonobeds.

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