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Perth doctor's life-saving work at car crash leads to medical equipment donation to Ghana

A surplus ultrasound machine from Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) will be donated to the Government of Ghana and will be used in an intensive care unit in a hospital in the Ghanian city of Kumasi.

The donation was sparked in part by life-saving treatment RPH doctor Edward Yeboah delivered to crash victim Simon Treloar on the side of a Yanchep road in February.

Mr Treloar was struck by a car driving on the wrong side of the road, trapping him and inflicting catastrophic injuries that left him with "minutes to live".

Dr Yeboah happened to be passing by at the time and rushed to save him, cutting a hole in Mr Treloar's chest without anaesthetic to relieve pressure while working in 42 degree heat.

The treatment kept Mr Treloar alive long enough to make it to hospital, where doctors were able to perform other procedures needed for his injuries.

Photo: Simon Treloar in hospital after the accident. (Supplied: Simon Treloar)

Dr Yeboah said that chance encounter helped to lead to the ultrasound machine being donated to his native country.

"I became kind of a Ghanian celebrity in Perth and when I heard through the trauma department there was equipment available I quickly expressed interest and contacted the hospital in Ghana," he said.

The WA Government handed over the machine to Ghanian officials today, ahead of the move to its new home in the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Mr Treloar said he would be forever grateful for what Dr Yeboah did and was glad some good could come of it.

"Edward appeared over the hill looking for mangoes but he found me instead," Mr Treloar said.


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