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En sale 40 Bed Hill-Rom Total Care (video)

The TotalCare® Bariatric Bed is intended to provide a patient support ideally suited for use in healthcare environments. The TotalCare® Bariatric Bed may be used in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, acute care, including critical care, step down/progressive care, medical/surgical, high acuity sub-acute care, post anesthesia care unit (PACU), and sections of the emergency department (ED). The TotalCare® Bariatric Bed is capable of being used with a broad patient population whose weight is between 250 and 460 lb (113 to 209 kg) and as determined appropriate by the caregiver or institution. equipment medical.

This manual provides the information required for normal operation of the TotalCare® Bariatric Bed from Hill-Rom. Before operating the TotalCare® Bariatric Bed, be sure that you have read and understood in detail the contents of this manual. It is important that you read and strictly adhere to the aspects of safety contained in this manual. Any reference to a side of the bed is from the patients’ view lying in the bed on their back.


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