Maquet LED O.R. Light. Single head.

A pledge to life: MAQUET is among the world‘s leading vendors of forward-looking medical technology for operating rooms and intensive care units. Whether Surgical Workplaces, Cardiovascular or Critical Care - MAQUET always puts the needs of staff and patients in the foreground during product development work. And thus MAQUET satisfies the even more exacting demands made on the modern hospital - demands for safety, efficiency and economy.

Bringing expertise in surgical lighting, ceiling service units and multimedia solutions, MAQUET defines the highest standards, quality and innovation throughout the industry for the benefit of patients and the medical staff.

MAQUET surgical lights are known as the world‘s leader in design and innovation. Combined with the extensive line of ceiling pendants systems, MAQUET provides the most comprehensive solutions for various areas in the hospital. MAQUET has an unique understanding of the operating room and can therefore offer better surgical lights. HLEDTM is based on LED technology and combines comfort, cost-savings, integration and sustainable development.

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