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For sale Steris - Amsco Basic Orthopedic table accessory for 3080 y 3085z

medical equipment

medical equipment

medical equipment

medical equipment

The Orthopedic Extension is an alternative to dedicated orthopedic fracture tables. This table accessory serves as an ideal solution when current case load may not warrant a dedicated table, when budget restraints are a concern or when considering a supplemental or secondary fracture table. The Orthopedic Extension fits all of the STERIS general surgical table platforms. This accessory serves the full range of traditional orthopedic procedures. The radiolucent carbon fiber abductor bars provide unobstructed imaging capabilities and versatile positioning of the patient’s lower extremities. The mobile stainless steel accessory cart provides ample storage space for the accessories and also functions as a convenient platform for docking, undocking and storing the abductor bars.

The Orthopedic Extension Accessory Package, BF806 includes:

  • Orthopedic Extension (BF547)

  • Accessory Cart (BF24)

  • Adult Wedge-shaped Sacral Rest with Pad (BF00066)

  • Adult Perineal Post with Pad (BF00065)

  • L-shaped Traction Extensions (BF0003)

  • Qty 2 - Anesthesia Armboard with 2-inch Pad (BF803)

  • TenZor™ Carbon Fiber Traction Unit Assemblies with Padded Boots (BF72)

  • Qty 2 - Universal Legholder (BF266)

  • Traction Accessory Clamps (BF0002)

  • Qty 2 - Multi-Posture Armboard with 2-inch Pad (BF432)

  • Patient Transfer Board with 4-inch Pad (BF214)

  • Clark Socket (BF083)

  • Ortho Extension Setup Guide

Table Compatibility:

Since 2007 the Orthopedic Extension Accessory Package is compatible with the AMSCO® 3085/3080 series tables as well as the STERIS 4085, 5085, 5085 SRT and Cmax.

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